“FRUIT & VEGGIE help nourish the eyes”

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The eyes are a vital and vital organ for all of us, roughly 70-80% of what we perceive. And learn from seeing Clear vision is very important in a healthy life, which, in addition to the eyes, is the window to the heart. It is also the most obvious sign of fatigue and tiredness. So, let’s take care of your beautiful and youthful eyes, just like taking care of your body and face to be radiant.

If today you do not eat healthy food Plus overloading your eyes than necessary Of course, there will be some eye problems in the near future to keep your eyes bright and healthy. Homeopathic collects the best fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins And minerals that help maintain eyesight together ยูฟ่าเบท.

Avocados are rich in vitamin E

The book of Surgeon Kongsomboon Vet Clinic, Amarin Health Publishing, recommends that vitamin E prevents the breakdown of fatty acids surrounding the lens of the eye. People with high blood levels of vitamin E can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. 50 percent of the incidence of cataracts

In addition, the Miracle Foods, Readers Digest Co., Ltd. also states that if there is a lot of tocopherol in the bloodstream (vitamin E compound), it will reduce the deterioration of the retinal center in stages. First of all, vitamin E is found in avocados. Nuts, Olive Oil

Blueberry rich anthocyanosides

Book to Energize the Senses. Reader’s Digest (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recommends that Bilberry, also known as Blueberry. Europe is rich in blue-red pigment or anthocyanoside, which has antioxidant activity to strengthen capillaries. Stimulate the blood flow to the retina. Resulting in better visibility in the dark And also helps prevent cataracts as well

Carrots are rich in vitamin A

Carrots can help maintain eyesight and improve vision in the dark. Since the retina is made up of rods of photoreceptors that perform the function of vision in the dark. These rod cells contain vitamin A. Therefore, eating carrots which contain vitamin A or carotenoids, which the gut can be converted to vitamin A, is very beneficial for the eyes.

Spinach is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin

Lutein and zeaxanthin are naturally occurring nutrients found in the eyes, visual acreage and retina. To help Filters or blocks radiation from the sun and filters blue light that is harmful to the eyes. Therefore, the body needs to get lutein and zeaxanthin from food, which is found in spinach, morning glory, green radish.

Water is rich in vitamin D, fish liver

The book The Vitamin Bible by Dr. Earl Mindell, Amarin Health Press, suggests that vitamin D helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis. It is found in cod liver oil, sardines, herring, salmon, tuna, milk and dairy products.

Eat fruits and vegetables to maintain eyesight. Keep exercising, especially in the morning or evening with mild sunlight. Will help strengthen the eyes and all organs Another important thing is Drinking enough clean water This will help maintain the moisture of the eyes. May choose 100 percent natural mineral water that has been filtered naturally Which is rich in many useful natural minerals More importantly, do not forget to have an eye exam every year. In order to preserve beautiful eyes to stay with us for a long time.